Connor Guyton

Marketing and communications specialist with a passion for feeding the world

About Me

A communication professional with a passion for food and agriculture. After working at a daily newspaper for four years, Connor decided to return to school for a degree in food science. Now, she incorporates her science and data analysis knowledge with her communication skills to help relay accurate, concise information about the agriculture industry.

Meat quality traits and proteome profile of woody broiler breast (pectoralis major) meat

For several decades, genetic improvements in chicken production have improved growth rate and body size, resulting in a higher yield of breast meat in broilers. With the increased quantitative yield, defective abnormalities in muscles also have been found. These abnormalities include deep pectoral myopathy (DPM) (Siller, 1985), pale-soft-and-exudative (PSE)-like condition (Barbut, 1993), and white striping in breast meat (Petracci and Cavani, 2012).

Targeting Tomatoes

The most common garden vegetable is also a staple in research laboratories at Mississippi State. From herbicide tolerance to gene modification, tomatoes are being studied to help farmers grow the popular fruit with fewer losses or injuries to the plants. Dr. Sorina Popescu, assistant professor in biochemistry, molecular biology, entomology and plant pathology, is working to understand how tomato plants respond to pathogens at the molecular level, and editing the plants using CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) technology.